Choose Siding Carefully for Energy Efficient Home

Siding Professional in Salt Lake CityIn this era of increased energy cost and need for sustainable use of resources, energy efficiency is a concern for most homeowners. When it comes to siding in Salt Lake City, achieving these goals can be tricky. The reason for this is not that there are no options; the options can be confusing. While energy efficiency is so important, you also want to maintain your home’s curb appeal. This then begs the question, which siding fits all these requirements? The best options in the market are aluminum, vinyl, and insulated siding.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum has been around for many years and proven to be a long-lasting siding material. However, its susceptibility to damage and dents makes many homeowners think twice before installing it. You can still enjoy its excellent energy efficient qualities on the second floor or higher because exposure is limited there.

Vinyl Siding

You will find this siding in most homes in Salt Lake City. Why is it so popular? People prefer vinyl because it is durable, fire-resistant and of course, energy efficient. If you already have aluminum siding, vinyl has comparable energy efficiency.

Insulated Siding

This should be your siding of choice if you are looking for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution. By insulating wall studs, this siding provides immense energy efficiency. You can clean this material with just water and mild soap. Furthermore, the siding is recyclable.

When choosing siding material, think about its style, cost and most importantly, its energy efficiency. A good siding should not only enhance your home appeal but also help in reducing energy bills. The siding options listed here have different energy efficiency capacities. A licensed siding professional can help you choose one that gives you a balance of savings, appeal, and maximum efficiency.

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