Choosing Colour for an Accent Wall

A man painting a wallFor homeowners who want to design their living spaces, creating an accent wall is a good solution. This is a focal wall which can spice up your indoors and create a new look. Creating this fresh look requires minimal effort and costs little.

The painting of an accent wall should agree with your home decor. Hiring expert painters in Wellington could help you achieve this goal. Here are some tips on how to make an accent wall stand out.

Match Colours

There are many colours to select from for your accent wall but ensure your colour blends in with your current decor. To ensure your colour choice suits your existing décor, follow the 60-30-10 colour rule. 60% of your décor is your room’s dominant colour, 30% represents your secondary tone, and 10% should be your accent colour.

Harmonize the Colour with Adjacent Walls

Accent walls look classic when they are in darker shades compared to other walls in your room. Painting your accent wall in a lighter shade compared to the rest of your walls also works. If you are in doubt, you can paint the statement wall in a similar colour with the rest of your walls but make it at least two shades darker.

Consider the Background

You should have enough contrast between your wall colour, art, and furniture. Ensure the colour you choose does not clash with your furniture and wall art. The pieces on your wall should also not blend in and become invisible.

Color affects psychology. Think about the mood you aim to create in the room you are painting and the overall purpose of the room. Make sure to choose a colour that suits the atmosphere you want to achieve.

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