Choosing the Right Door: A Guide

Door from CanberraInstalling doors is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home. A door can either be an exterior or interior door. Exterior doors, because they’re always exposed to the elements should be made from sturdier materials so they can withstand wear and tear. Though the material is your primary consideration, don’t forget to choose an exterior door that complements or improves your home’s kerb appeal. For your interior doors, you can focus on the aesthetic value.

Popular Types of Doors

There are many types of doors. One of the most common is panel door, which is known for its versatility. Recent trends have seen the use of unconventional materials, colours and finish. Then there’s the sliding door which is a good choice for spaces with little or no swing room. For offices and business establishments, the double pocket door is the popular choice as they can be open wide for bulky office and store stuff. The French door is a great choice for a front door. It renders elegance to the entrance and makes space seem wider. This door adds drama to the entrance. Another homeowners’ favourite is the Dutch door. This door has two sidelight windows and is popular for entryways leading to backyard or garden. 

Choosing Your Door

Aluminium and timber are still popular among Australian homeowners. Recently, though, there has been a rise in popularity for doors with bolder colours, exotic materials and finishes. Although it’s good to incorporate trendy things in your home, an expert from Monaro Windows reminds that you shouldn’t forget to consider other elements in your Canberra home before you choose the perfect door to install.

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There are many types and designs of doors on the market. You’ll find one that will complement the look of your home.