Cover Your Hardwood Stairs with a Carpet Runner

Wooden steps, or timber stairs, on your NZ home provide you with a beautiful staircase that can last you for years. Although you may be quite content with your timber stairs, however, perhaps you can still consider covering it in carpet, at least in the form of a runner.

A carpet can add much more elements to your staircase, making the covering worthwhile.

Anti-Slip Piece

Hardwood or timber, although beautiful, can be slippery and hard to fall on. Covering your stairs with a carpet, however, can help you gain a better foothold when walking up the stairs. It can even give you a softer landing if you ever fall down the stairs.

Beauty Enhancer

You can also enhance the beauty of your staircase even more by matching the colour of the wooden steps with the style and colour of the carpet. Choose thin carpets, however, since thick carpets can be difficult to fasten to the stairs. You can slip on thick carpets as well.

Choose an Installation Method

Do you now want a carpet on your staircase? You can have a professional attach the carpet, but you can do it yourself as well. Before you install your carpet though, you first have to decide whether to install it using the Hollywood method or the waterfall method.

The Contoured Look

The Hollywood method involves wrapping the carpet over the tread edge, and nosing and fastening it to the riser. Such an approach gives the carpet a contoured look and makes it look cleaner as well. Many homes use this method for living room or foyer stairs.

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The Straight Look

The waterfall method, on the other hand, only wraps over the tread edge and straight down to the back of the next step. This approach gives the carpet a no-fuss appearance that homes have used for basement stairs. You can still use this method for living room or foyer stairs if you like, however.

You can research more online to learn how you can install a carpet on your stairs on your own.