CSA Records Biggest Decrease in Victoria’s Crime Rate

Burglar entering a house

Despite an increase in sexual assault and domestic violence, the overall crime rate in Victoria has fallen to its lowest level in more than 10 years, according to the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA).

CSA data revealed that cases of family violence comprised about 17.5%  in 2016, or more than 90,000 cases, of all illegal acts in the state. On the other hand, Police Minister Lisa Neville advised the public to be careful when meeting people online through social media and apps.

Peace and Order

Neville said that law enforcement has focused on reducing the number of sexual offences, which rose 18% in September year over year. Robbery cases also increased by 12.6%, while fraud and dangerous and negligent acts climbed to 13.7% and 8.5%, respectively.

However, the overall crime rate in Victoria fell by 6.2%, mostly because of fewer aggravated burglaries and car theft cases. The CSA also recorded fewer cases of arson and property damage.

Regional Crimes

Victoria Police acknowledged that fighting crime is a continuous effort, although households also play a role in upholding safety. Kings Security Doors suggests considering simple upgrades at home, from investing in alarm systems to security door installation. In Melbourne, this is important even if the crime rate has fallen the most among the five regions.

The city’s crime rate in September fell 8.6% to 18,334 cases per 100,000 people, according to the CSA. The Yarra ranked second with a 7.5% drop in crimes to 11,284 incidents, while Greater Shepparton registered a 4.3% decline in offences to 9,242 cases.

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CSA data indicated an improved crime rate in Victoria. While police officers work to reduce the numbers further, the public should do their part by being proactive when it comes to safety at home and outdoors.