Drain Cleaning: The Solution to Sewage Backup Problems

Drain CleaningSewer problems, especially sewer backup, are among the problems you would not like to experience often. So how do you protect your home from sewer backup? The major cause of sewer backup is improper home sewer piping, and faulty municipal’s sewer system. These systems depend on gravity for proper functioning, meaning that even little problems can cause sewage to travel back into your home.

Municipal versus Home Sewer Backup

Majority of the cities use a sewer system that traps sewage from different homes. In case of a major storm, the increase of water in the system floods the system, and the resulting blockages affect homes. On the other hand, home sewer backup is as a result of clogging in pipes, or broken pipes. Broken pipes can be due to shrubs and tree roots growing into pipes.

Understand Your Sewer System

To prevent sewer backup, clearly understand parts of your sewer system and act accordingly. The common sewer valves to constantly check are:

Flood Drain Plug: This seals up the sewer connection, preventing anything from passing through.

Stand Pipes: The role of stand pipes is to secure vertical pipes in your sewer drain. They contain a rubber gasket that controls the flow of water down the drain, and pushes water up the pipe if sewage tends to run up the drain.

Backwater and Check Valves: Backwater valves allow water to flow, but the valve closes in case sewage begins to rise, thus preventing sewage backup. Check valves work in a similar manner as backwater valves but seal the opening between your home’s sewage system and municipal’s sewer system.

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The Importance of Inspection

It is important that you schedule regular sewer inspections as these inspections help to show the exact locations of clogs and other threats that are likely to affect your home sewage system. You can then follow through with your local municipal in Salt Lake City for professional drain cleaning, and repair action before the actual damage happens.

Examine ways to install the right plugs in your sewer system. Additionally, conduct proper drain cleaning and regular maintenance of your home sewer system in Salt Lake City to protect your home from potential threats of sewer backup.