Drinking Clean and Refreshing Water Each Day Can Help You in Many Ways

Woman drinking water

Water is so important that even pre-school teachers would always emphasise the need to drink several glasses a day. Unfortunately, there are some who take this for granted and would only take a few sips.

Your body appears as a solid structure when facing mirrors. But in truth, water accounts for around 50 to 70 percent of your physique. It is so important that even Better Health Channel states that you can last several weeks without food but only a few days without water. This just goes to show that water plays a vital role in your overall health and you must ensure its levels remain constant. Without a doubt, you already know that body water gets diminished through various natural processes like perspiration, urination and many more. So how do you maintain its levels?


According to actforlibraries.org, an adult can lose on the average around two to three litres of water each day. About 60 percent of such average is in form of urine, about half litre due to sweat, and around 500 millilitres through breath. In order to maintain balance and achieve homoeostasis, you need to replenish lost liquid by drinking roughly around the same amount every day. But would any type of liquid do?

Clean Water

Though carbonated water is by classification also a liquid, it cannot substitute for water but not just any type of water. Those carried from one source until it reaches your faucet may not be safe for drinking and can cause harm to your health. In fact, even water from rivers and other natural sources may contain microorganisms that can do you more harm than good. In order to ensure that the water you drink is clean, it is better to subject it to a filtration process. Water filtration systems come in all sizes and suitability, with some small enough to fit your faucet while others can only be installed outdoors.

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Filtered Water

A good water filtration system will block toxic metal, dirt and most microorganisms so you will have clean water to drink. If you do not know what type of system to buy, you can consult professionals on water filter so you would know. For instance, if you are going to filter water from a corrugated iron rainwater tank, these professionals can advise you what filtration system to use.

Using a filtration system would help ensure that you get clean drinking water to replenish the liquid your body every day. Using this water filtration system on rainwater tanks would also ensure you have sufficient supply of water that may be safe to drink.

By making it a point that the water levels in your body remain constant, your body can easily achieve homoeostasis. Once you accomplish this, your body becomes a bit healthier and you will immediately feel the difference.