Easy Steps to Stay Healthy and Warm During Winter

A Frozen Roof

Each year, around 200,000 Americans pay hospitals a visit because of flu. Flu or influenza is usually common during winter, where the temperature would range from 67.4F to a low of 2.6 °F. It is important to know the flu virus thrives in the cold, so it is critical to protect yourself from the cold weather.

Whether you are layering up, sipping that hot cup of coffee or turning up your water heater device in Lehi, here are effective ways to stay healthy and warm during winter.

Keep your home warm

Nothing beats the warmth inside your home. Make sure to maintain your home temperature to a minimum of 18C the whole day, while wearing enough clothes to stay at low temperatures. Tip; use a heated water bottle underneath your sheets to make your nights warmer.

Layering keeps warm

The key to keeping warm is to layer your clothes. By layering, it means wearing thin layers of clothing – preferably wool, cotton, or fleece for best results. The less skin exposed to cool air, the warmer the body gets. Also, wear footwear that is ideal in navigating slippery surfaces to avoid any accident.

Stay active

Exercise is good for the overall health. Working out will get the blood pumping around and will then heat your body. Moreover, exercise produces the hormones responsible for boosting your mood.

Eat and drink warm

Warm drinks and herbal teas, paired with healthy food such as soup, porridge, and stew, will help keep you warm during winter.

To sum up, wear warm clothes, eat and drink warm food, move and even give yourself a hot bath. Snuggle up on your blankets be creative in keeping yourself warm because, in the end, you may even save up on electricity.

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