Emergency 101: Who Should You Call When the Pipes in Your Walls Leak?

Pipe squirting water

Pipe squirting waterIn times when you find a leak in your bathroom, it’s easy enough to bring out a wrench and screw the right parts tighter. But when your problem is a broken pipe inside your walls, it is much more challenging to address. However, you can’t put it off; it is also essential that you address the leak immediately.

According to a company that handles water damage restoration in Rockwall, water can cause severe damage to parts of the house. Water can destabilize some areas or walls and risk mold development in certain places due to moisture. If you see signs of leaking, it’s important to call these two companies to minimize the damage and the costs that may come with further repairs.

Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

Many homeowners do not understand what water can do to damage a home. According to the dean of engineering at the University of Miami, water damage has caused thousands of homes to be beyond repair; it could have been saved had the damage been addressed earlier.

Water damage restoration services take care of the damage and restore the home to its original condition. Companies that provide the service remove all the excess water, let the place dry, clean the area, and restore the house or room to its former condition.

Call Your Insurance Company

Whether or not your house takes on some form of damage from the leak, you should notify your insurance company as soon as possible, says HouseLogic. Upon calling the company, you need to determine your coverage and whether or not your insurance covers the potential damage.

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However, there may be complications when your insurance company handles the repairs. HouseLogic estimates as little as a week up to six months before your insurance company can help repair your home. Some companies handling water restoration may provide direct billing with your insurance company, making it easier for you to receive the services you need to restore your home.

In case of floods or leaks, it is essential to have water damage restoration performed to prevent further damage to the home. It is also important to have your insurance company ready to assist financially in your repair needs. While water can be harmless on its own, you must address leaks immediately to prevent irreparable damage.