Expert Tips for Dazzling and Safe Christmas Light Displays

Christmas Lights Display Outside on a House

Christmas lights are a mainstay in preparing and decorating your home or business for the season. Every home and establishment lights up brightly at night.

Here are useful tips when installing Christmas lights for commercial or residential displays.

Start Small

Especially if you are new to installing Christmas lights, it is recommended that you start out small. Light up just two or three items like bushes or trees that will be the focal points. Just add more as you gain more experience in the succeeding years.

Keep Safe

Make sure to use lights that bear the UL seal, and those that are specifically intended for use outdoors.

Know the Right Lights to Use

There’s a type of light available for every purpose and part of your yard or home. There are net lights to use as bush blankets, and blinking rope lights to outline windows, among many others. Knowing your needs can save you time and money.

Check for Burnt-out Bulbs

Before using light strings, check each bulb and replace burnt-out ones as they drain power and will cause other bulbs to dim.

Use Safe Clips and Tape

Instead of using staples, nails, hooks, or screws to mount your displays, use electrical tape to avoid damaging your roof and to protect electrical connections. Likewise, parapet clips and shingle tabs can be used to attach lights to surfaces.

Avoid Light Overload

Christmas lights are dazzling and fun. However, make sure not to overload your circuits. A circuit should handle nothing more than 1400 watts. A sign that your circuit is overloaded is when other lights in your home dim after turning the Christmas lights on.

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Turn Lights Off

Don’t forget to switch off the outdoor lights before you go to bed, and when you’re going away, do not leave them on, unless they are controlled by a timer with a photocell.

Keep these tips in mind when installing your Christmas lights. This way, your celebrations will be happy and safe.