Factors Affecting Tankless Water Heater Performance

Water heater

The first few years have seen tankless water heaters gain unparalleled popularity, a result of their many benefits. Among them, portability and the ease of installation rank top.

Also known as instant water heaters, these heaters heat water quickly, and one of them can supply a single line within seconds. However, if you want to provide to the whole home, you may want to add more heaters in your installation.

As it is, there are many tankless water heater installation professionals in Utah who can get the work done for you in no time. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC will tell you the same. One such heater is not only fast, but it is also energy efficient as a means of getting hot water to use daily.

You should, however, note that just like other machines, they will sometimes not function at optimum. Below are some of the factors that may affect their performance.

Mineral Deposits

While this is not a problem unique to tankless water heaters, it is more severe on them. When minerals from water deposit on the heaters, you have to make sure you clean them up otherwise they affect the heater performance.

Mostly, these metals will be either Magnesium or Calcium found in hard water. Make a point to have a digital meter installed to alert you when the amount of deposits exceeds the limit.

Ignition Problems

When you have a problem with the gas supply, gas heaters will often fail to turn on. The heater will be trying to turn on but it cannot. Again, this problem is not unique to modern heaters, but it can be just as severe.

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To avoid this, be sure to pay your gas bill in time so that the fuel supply may be constant. In some cases, some professional services will offer to check your propane tanks every so often and advice appropriately.

Heating Overload

When there is a constant hot water demand, demand that exceeds the water heater’s capability, then its performance is affected. In severe cases, the heater stops working. This problem often arises when you do many tasks simultaneously, failing to keep up with the system requirements.

To get around this, ask for an installation that matches your daily hot water requirements. If it comes to it, install many heaters.

While tankless heaters have their own set of problems, they are not unsolvable. A reliable plumbing service can ensure that your water heaters are working at maximum all through. Additionally, they can identify issues earlier and advise on how to avoid similar one in the future.