Faulty Garage Doors and their Crushing Power

Garage Door

Garage DoorGarage doors are often the largest of all movable, mechanical components in a home, according to Insider Exclusive. It is also one of the heaviest, with an average weight of about 400 pounds. From this number alone, one should already realize the potential of danger of allowing these doors in poor shape.

The Undeniable Statistics

Every year, there are around 30,000 cases of people sustaining injuries due to automatic garage doors. Many of them involve small children. Cuts and bruises are the least of your worries with a faulty garage door. With its considerable weight, you are looking more at broken bones, injuries to the head, brain and spinal cord, and even death.

Few Problems But Huge in Impact

Although there are only a few types of problems garage doors are susceptible to, it is important you get them fixed right away, especially if it is spring-related. Experts strongly advise homeowners that in case of having faulty spring, contact service providers of garage door repair. Utah has many companies that can help you right away.

The Crushing Power of Garage Doors

A faulty spring can lead to the entire door collapsing, crushing anything under it in an instant. Even if there is nothing in its way, the impact can cause damage because the ground material, no matter how hard it is, can crack, split, or shatter.

A malfunctioning or misaligned safety sensor is another problem a pro must address right away. Not fixing it makes it easier for burglars or thieves to gain access into your home.

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Keeping your home safe should be one of your biggest priorities, so it is important to maintain the integrity of your garage door. Once you see any sign of problem with it, contact a repair service provider right away.