Fees Your Moving Company May Charge You


MovingMoving can be challenging irrespective of the size of the move. You should hire a professional moving company as they can lessen your burden and take care of loading and transporting. There are usually two major types of pricing, and a couple of other additional costs.

Local moves

All moving companies with a few exceptions charge by the hour for all local moves. They will ask for a deposit so that they can block your preferred date. The Denver moving company will give you an estimate based on hourly pricing. Their quote will also mention the estimated hours they will spend for that move. Apart from this, they might have additional charges depending on the floor you are located and if you have some special items to be shifted.

Interstate moves

Interstate moves are more expensive. The price may also depend on the size of the move or the weight of the goods. You can roughly give them the estimate of your household goods or request them to come and have a look, to determine the size of the move.

Other charges

Some movers will charge extra to move heavier items such as canoes, vehicles, pianos, organs, pool table and other larger items. You should tell them about such special items in advance. This will ensure that they come prepared to move your valuable items. In many companies, you have to pay for a cancellation fee in case you cancel your bookings.

When you hire a moving company, make sure that you are aware of all the charges that you will incur, so that you can allocate your budget appropriately. It’s important to get the services of a reputable mover to ensure the safety of your things.

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