From Drab to Fab: Easy Ways to Transform Your Living Space

Living Room

Living RoomYou don’t need to hire a top-notch designer to make dramatic transformations in your living space. If you are you willing to spend a few dollars and let your creativity soar, you can update the room with ease. A few simple living room updates and design ideas are all you need to transform your space from drab to fab.

DIYers in Hamilton, Cambridge and Morrinsville share a few ideas on making a dramatic impact on the living room.

Harness the Power of Paint and Pillows

If you are on a tight budget, it is easy to transform the look of your living space with new sofa pillows and a fresh coat of paint. Freshen up the atmosphere in the room with new toss pillows; get colour or pattern inspiration from curtains or wall. You can also paint walls with a hue that you can find in the room, but not entirely dominant.

Refresh and Update Pieces

If you have money to spare, don’t hesitate to replace a few key pieces in the space. Furniture stores Hamilton residents trust suggest replacing a big and old coffee table with a new and stylish design. It is also a good idea to invest in a new display cabinet or a bookcase that can give the living room a completely new vibe.

Make a Dramatic Focal Point

Create a focal point in the room by hanging an oversized artwork. It can be a vintage painting, flag, poster, or even your own masterpiece. Make sure to choose an interesting artwork that will attract the attention of your guests. This small change can make a dramatic impact in the space, and is an easy way to fill an empty and boring wall.

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Style with Balance and Purpose

Add interest to the space by creating a stylish bookshelf of items that go well together and create balance. Select at least two to three colours of decorative items and pieces, then place them throughout the shelves. You can also use books to add height to the arrangement or positioning of the items.

Fill an Empty Wall

Dress up a plain wall with an assortment of prints and photos. This is also a great way to create a focal point in the living space. You can hang pictures of family members or pets, artworks that you like, or even your or your family’s creation. Arrange them asymmetrically to add interest and personality to the living room.

Apart from these tips, you can also add a graphic rug, rearrange the furniture or light up the room to make it more welcoming. Just let your creativity soar and see where it can lead you.