From Urban to Rural: Getting Your Teen to Appreciate Suburban Living


HouseFor the typical teen that grew up in the city, moving to the suburbs is not exactly the best idea from Mum and Dad. After all the years of listening, to the hustle and bustle of urban living, your teenager might not be ready for the sudden silence suburban living can offer.

First, you have to understand that a big change is never easy for anyone — especially for your child. The move alone is not promising since they will be saying goodbye to their friends and daily routines. Exchange the city lights for the suburb’s natural atmosphere, and your child is in for a twist of his life.

There is more to suburban living than what others believe, but your teenager does not see that. As a parent, you are responsible for helping your child adjust better. Before you look for lands for sale in Truganina, here are some benefits you can remind them of:

Kids, There’s More Privacy

The suburbs hold one of the best promises teens need: MORE SPACE. Since your adolescent child needs privacy, suburban living is the best option for them to sort their thoughts.

Initially, they will disregard this idea. But as they slowly adjust to their new environment, your children will appreciate the rich spaces for playing, wandering or simply lounging around. Also, the suburb offers a quieter place to think or pursue their hobbies. Without the jumbled noises of people, cars and sirens, your teen can enjoy the serenity of rural living.

Park All You Want

Whether they live in the city or in the suburbs, teens are proud car owners. The only difference between is that teens in the rural areas enjoy MORE PARKING SPACES.

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If your teenager enjoys driving around but hates scavenging for a parking spot, the suburbs is the mecca of free parking. From driveways to garages, they can park anywhere anytime, as long as they follow rules. There is no competition, unlike in the congested city.

It’s like You Never Left

Some teens think the suburbs are boring compared to the city. On the contrary, suburban areas offer the same amenities as their urban counterparts, just on a quieter setting. Your teens can still have fun and eat to their heart’s content whenever they please.

Get your teens to love the suburbs with a few persuasive arguments. Eventually, they will find themselves comfortable with their new rural home.