Functional vs. Fixed: Which Aluminium Shutter is Better

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium ShuttersShutters have many advantages. They give you more privacy and keep you safe during unpleasant weather. They are also great for decorating the exterior, especially aluminium shutters.

Before you choose which type of shutter you want to have, you need to pick whether you’ll go for something fixed or functional. This will narrow down your options, says

Functional Shutters

This kind of shutter are hinged at the sides or up above the windows. It doesn’t affect the window frames during installation or when you take them out. The measurements must be correct to properly cover the windows.

In terms of insulation, these functional covers are very useful. You can completely let the air and light in. You just have to flip them out, move sideways or upwards. They also give more security by acting as a visual barrier into your homes.

Fixed Shutters

They have more similarities with the functional except for the fact that they can’t be moved around. They are positioned in front windows. It saves money because you don’t have to pay separately for a window and a shutter.

Fixed shutters are very easy to adjust. You don’t have to pull or push sideways to open or close it. Insulation is covered by keeping the shutters ajar. Although you cannot open it completely, you can still let an abundance of air and light in.

When choosing shutters, look for quality first, which is why aluminium is an appropriate material. They will be directly exposed to environmental factors that can easily harm the material. Durability is a priority especially for fixed or stationary shutters because they are permanently attached to the windows.

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Prices of shutters vary with the types. You can even buy one directly from suppliers for a discount. When you choose between these two kinds of shutter, make sure you consider your house and the climate in your area.