Get Your Facts Straight on Complete Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Balustrade

Glass BalustradeWondering what kind of balustrade system would fit your newly constructed home? Perhaps you should consider a frameless solution made from glass. Glass balustrading is now popular in Australia because the system is versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Do not think that these types of balustrades are for commercial establishments alone. According to Jigsaw Balustrades, owners of modern homes are now going for the contemporary look of glass.

Glass: Bold and Beautiful

Be clear about your specific requirements with the manufacturer. Tell the person in charge that you want a seamless look for your balcony. There are different mounting methods, and the choice will be determined by your preferred style. You have a choice between stainless steel and aluminium, which is partially determined by your budget and chosen design. Full frameless glass balustrades offer durability, simplicity, elegance, and a contemporary boldness that other systems fail to achieve with as much ease.

Unique Designs for Varied Settings

Glass applications are well-suited for a wide range of settings. Aside from residential projects, frameless glass balustrades are also installed in public parks, corporate headquarters, and commercial centres all over Australia. It is not surprising that this kind of installation is widely considered aesthetically pleasing. After all, what better material can make the most of natural light? Moreover, only a few can equal can the ability of glass to integrate with different types of construction materials, such as wood, fabrics, and various kinds of metal.

When you are ready to invest in high quality engineered products, choose glass balustrades from innovative manufacturers. They are weather and fade-resistant, easy to maintain, and add value to your property. Aside from your new balcony, this type of balustrade system is also a viable option for future projects such as backyard decking or pool fencing.

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