Getting Started With Greenhouses: 5 Types To Choose For Homeowners

photo of a greenhouse

Growing your food might seem like a cumbersome idea for homeowners, but it can reward you in the long run. Having a greenhouse that you can grow plants in can be done once you know the basics, such as the type of house you prefer and the plant varieties you’ll plant. A green house supplier in Pagosa explains that homeowners can typically choose from five types of greenhouses, listed below.

1. Pit Greenhouse

A pit greenhouse is one that builds underground by having the walls or sides of the greenhouse as soil. This is normally done by digging an area that becomes the foundation, and the one wherein you’ll be placing your plants. The roof of the pit greenhouse is transparent to let light in, just like other greenhouse types.

2. Hoop House

As the name implies, a hoop house is a greenhouse type built using a system of hoops. This material makes the greenhouse have an arched or curved look. While hoop houses don’t have any foundations, they are estimated to last for around three to five years.

3. Attached Greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is attached to the main property or the house. This allows homeowners to build connecting doors or entrances from the home to the greenhouse area. This type’s longevity is around ten to fifteen years and can tolerate high snow loads during winter.

4. Growing Dome

The growing dome is a new type of greenhouse that is designed to look like half a globe. It’s made of modern materials like polycarbonate panels, which are strong enough to give the greenhouse a high wind resistance.

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5. Traditional Style

Lastly, the traditional style greenhouse is the classic ones portrayed in pop culture. This type takes the form of a literal house, albeit a miniature one with room only for plants.

Getting Started With Greenhouses

Homeowners can save up on costs by getting their greenhouses and growing their food. These spaces can either be dome-shaped, hoop-shaped, attached to the house, or built like a pit. Regardless of form, greenhouses will allow you to grow your healthy food at home.