Getting the Perfect Colour for Your Awnings

Perfect Colour for Your Awnings

Perfect Colour for Your AwningsWhen it comes to your home’s exteriors, choosing the right colours can be a chore. Since the exterior is one of the most visible parts of the home, you probably want to make an impact on visitors and passers-by. Picking an attractive colour for your outdoor awnings is a great way to add a pop of colour to your home without looking gaudy.

Bright colours for sun awnings and patio awnings can brighten up any exterior space. Access Awnings suggests the use of light colours because they reflect the heat of the sun. This keeps the area shaded and cool.

Summer Colours

In the summer, bright colours for awnings look stylish and fun. Aim for something that allows sunlight to partially stream through. This adds a soft, inviting glow to your exterior spaces.

Lemon Yellow – Lemon yellow awnings look beautiful in the summer and make your patio look more inviting. Pair it with black to emulate summer themes like buzzing bees and sunflowers.

Cornflower Blue – A softer shade that is cool to the eyes, cornflower blue awnings look sophisticated and elegant without appearing too dark.

Apple Green – Apple green awnings look crisp and fresh. They are striking in appearance and perfect for the summer.

Autumn Colours

In autumn, leaves change from a brilliant green into rich tones of red and yellow. Choosing autumn colours for your awnings make your exterior spaces look more attractive. If you plan to use a patterned awning, choose a fabric with complementing colours. They should always match the exterior paint job of your home.

Eggplant – Deep eggplant colours look regal and add softness to your outdoor spaces.

Olive Green – Olive green is a popular awning colour and is associated with coffee shops and street-side restaurants. It is a versatile colour that looks good year-round.

Scarlet – Scarlet is a rich colour so a little goes a long way. Pair scarlet awnings with white patio furniture to balance out its brightness.

Choosing the perfect awning colour is all about complementing the seasons and your exteriors. Your awnings will see the most use during the months where you spend a lot of time outdoors, so pick a colour that adds to your home’s kerb appeal.