Good Garage: How to Make Your Garage More Functional

Car entering a garage

Space is a valuable commodity, so people are looking for ways to maximise space in their homes. But, what most might be overlooking is the garage. It’s one place in the house that’s often underused and unorganised. This is where many people store odds and ends that they can’t let go of but don’t usually use, anyway.

More than being a carport, here a few things you can do to add functionality to your garage:

Turn it into something more than a garage

If you only have one car and a two-car garage, the unused half can be transformed for another purpose. You can put equipment like a treadmill and some weights for your home gym. If you need a home office, you can install a table that hangs from the wall and add an ergonomic chair. Set up your laptop and a few office supplies and you’re set.

Of course, if you do this, you have to upgrade your roller garage door’s security. According to Remote Pro, a supplier of garage and gate remotes, most people don’t prioritise the safety of their garage entrances. Your equipment and power tools for your vehicle may be a target for burglars.

Install a storage system

One of the best ways to enhance space is by installing shelves to organise things. The use of shelves keeps stuff off the floor and walls, making your area look tidy. Shelves also make it easy to see and reach the items you placed there when you need it.

Attach hooks and pegboards

Another way to declutter and maximise your garage space is by installing hooks and pegboards to the walls. Pegboards make it easier to organise your rakes, shovels and other cleaning supplies. You can also place your keys on small hooks, so it’s easy to find and identify them.

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Be creative when thinking about ways to enhance your garage space. By using proper storage techniques, you can have a garage that brings function to an otherwise neglected area.