Granny Flats and the Reasons to Have One

Granny Flat

Granny FlatPerth Granny flats are quite a popular housing option and are a great way to supplement the income of property owners. There are many homeowners in Australia who are building granny flats. Apart from being a secondary dwelling, a flat can be used as a home office or a guest house for visiting relatives. You can also rent it out to others.

What is a granny flat?

Designs and models of granny flats vary, but essentially, they are a smaller dwelling adjacent to the main house and may be attached to the main structure or set apart from it. They are a cost effective choices for homes. Some prefer granny flats that are not connected with the main house so they don’t interfere  with the structure or design of the main house.

What is the legality around Perth granny flats?

Granny flats can only be about 60 square metres in size, which is why they are simple and easy to construct. The granny flats should be built on residential zone properties with a building certificate from the local council approving of such construction.

Some conditions are to be fulfilled when considering building Perth granny flats. The owner of the primary dwelling and granny flat have to be the same. Each residential property can only have one granny flat. The granny flat cannot be on strata title, community title, or subdivided property.

Before building a granny flay, check the policies of your local council. Also, get professional builders who are experienced when it comes to constructing homes because they already have ideas of building policy dos and don’ts. A granny flat can also increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it someday.

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