Guide to Accessorizing Your Living Room

Living room design

Your living room is a good place to relax. How you accessorize it affects its ambiance and goes a long way in setting the mood. Getting the right accessories will make the space warm and help establish a focal point.

The tips below will help you accessorize your living space and create a masterpiece:


Mixing fabrics and colors randomly will make your space look disastrous. Choose your hues and patterns thoughtfully. Stick to two or three colors. Consider your feature wall as well, so it is not too distracting. The theme of your living room should focus on the walls and sofa.


Sofas are among the long-lasting pieces of furniture you have in your living room. A lot of consideration should go toward choosing and accessorizing them. Your curtains, throws and pillows must complement the sofa. Chunky knit pillows are unique and great for color blocking while textured cushions will make the sofa look edgy. Choose a pattern and color that work well with the theme.


When deciding on the wall colors, consider other aspects of the room as well. If you already have a signature sofa, you may not want to overdo the walls, as they will be competing for attention. Be keen on the color combinations. Some colors could also clash and reduce the aesthetic appeal of the room. If you decide to go with wallpaper, choose carefully so the room does not end up looking cluttered and small.


Coffee tables, footstools, and other furniture items should not only be comfortable but of the right size and color, too. If necessary, carry swatches of the colors you would want for your furniture when shopping. This way, you will not end up with something that looks great in the showroom but doesn’t suit your space.

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The way you accessorize your living area reflects your mood and personality. Endow it with a warm ambiance by settling for versatile accessories. These will also allow you to breathe new life into the area and give you the flexibility to make changes when necessary.