Guide to Protect and Maintain Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone TextureSandstone floors add character any house. More than that, having sandstone patios can add value to your home. However, this type of floor can easily get damaged.

If you have sandstone flooring in your home, you may face problems like colour fading and cracks if it is not properly maintained. The tips below should give you some helpful ideas on how to maintain and protect your sandstone floors.

  • Clean the patio – It is important to clean your patio on a regular basis. This includes dirt, leaves, twigs, or any debris. Once you have swept your patio clean, hose it down and allow it to dry.
  • Get rid of the heavy dirt – Sandstone flooring attracts heavy dirt because of its coarse texture. You can leave behind mud that will embed on the floors and if left unattended, cleaning it down with water might not be enough. To address this problem, mix warm water with detergent and gently scrub the floor. Give the soap a couple of minutes to soak before hosing it with water.
  • Clear the stains – According to Do It Yourself, getting rid of stains on sandstone floors require different methods. When it comes to moulds and mildews, the best way to remove them is to use hydrogen peroxide. For oil stains, use acetone and for grease, you can use talc.
  • Touch up the Joints – When you use sandstone flooring, sand is used as a substitute for grout or concrete. To maintain your flooring, the spaces between the flooring should be maintained every year.
  • Sandstone Sealing –There are different types of sandstone sealer. It is important to remember that water-based sealers cannot be used outside, so you have to choose a sealer depending where your sandstone flooring is. Sealers can be applied using a regular paint brush. You need to allow the sealer to dry for an entire day before you apply the second coat.
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Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, sandstone flooring is a good investment that can increase your house value over time. It is not impossibly hard to maintain especially when you clean it regularly and apply sandstone sealer to keep it looking like brand new.