Guidelines on Carpet Cleaning After Severe Water Damage

Water Damage in Utah

Water Damage in UtahAsk any homeowner what the most frustrating thing is they will probably tell you it is dealing with water damage. Of course, there is a huge difference between damage from a flash flood and a plumbing leak. Nevertheless, in both occurrences, the amount of work that needs to be done to restore a soaked carpet is considerable. Allow us to help you with some helpful guidelines.

Salvageable or not

Usually, the manufacturer’s warranty of a carpet that has been damaged by flooding becomes void. If this happens, you can still get some support from your insurance provider. Still, whether the carpet is salvageable or not remains to be seen.

Whether a carpet can still be usable after water damage depends on a number of factors. These include the type of fiber, the severity of damage, and the quality of the water that soaked in. Some carpet fibers are immediately damaged beyond repair once they become soaked. Others are more tolerant of moisture. If the damage is due to tap water, then the outcomes are usually favorable. However, if the damage is brought about by contaminated water such as black water containing raw sewage, then you should probably give up on restoring the carpet.

How long?

The length of time the carpet is soaked in water — whether sanitary or unsanitary is a huge factor in the outcomes of carpet restoration. Aside from the physical damage that water and particulates can wreak on the fibers, there is another issue worth discussing. That is, the growth of molds. Mold spores readily thrive in moisture-rich environments. Thick carpets, which soaked for a while and did not dry out completely, are very hospitable for these microorganisms. Oftentimes, mold removal teams in Utah have to decide whether their efforts will only be in vain if they try to restore a carpet with considerable mold growth.

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Water intrusion is a bothersome occurrence. You must do everything possible to deal with a wet carpet immediately and effectively.