Gutter Care: Do Not Let Birds Nest in Gutters

rain gutter healthBird watching can be many things — fascinating, inspiring, interesting, and the list goes on. When this fun comes to your backyard, it can be more than entertainment in a bad way. Birds’ nest in the gutters or any part of the roof can be a recipe for water damage and related problems. Deterring them from settling in the gutters is the only way out of trouble.

Home Damage

As birds build their nests, they will collect all manners of twigs and sticks. If the birds are relaxed around your gutters, they probably have already built their nests. This is a sign that your gutters need some serious cleaning up. If you fail to remove debris and deter birds, drainage may be affected and water damage may ensue.

Deterring the Birds

First, remove the nest from the gutter. If you cannot do it yourself, Double T. Inc noted that many providers of rain gutter services in Salt Lake City are ready to help. Make sure that you get rid of everything, including the litter. Second, cover all access points to the gutter. You will need to patch up all the holes, cracks, and broken tiles that the birds may use. Popular deterrents include wire mesh, bird spikes, and netting. You can take it a notch higher by using ultrasonic repellants. There are also special sprays and gels designed to irritate birds.

Gutter Installation

Guttering type determines whether the birds will stay or find another nesting place in the neighborhood. If you include a good leaf guard in your installation, gutter problems caused by nesting and falling leaves will be minimal.

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Bird watching is healthy and fun, but if the birds reside in your gutters, you had better clear their nests. This is because the settling of birds in the gutters can lead to eventual water damage of your roof, walls and foundation.