Hang Holiday Decorations But Maintain Your Gutters

Gutter Cleaning in Portland

Gutter Cleaning in PortlandWhen the most wonderful time of the year comes, everything else tends to take a back seat and leave holiday fun to dominate. Lights and other decorations take over as everyone seeks to celebrate the season in style.

With a majority of decorations being hung from the roof, roofing materials and gutters bear the brunt. Are you planning to minimize damage to your property this time around? Start by having a strategy for your gutters’ safety.

Inspect and Repair

Even with the excitement of the season already in the air, it is important to have time for roof inspections and repairs. This includes calling a contractor for gutter cleaning in Portland, Oregon. Why is this necessary? Any flaw in the gutters or any other component of the roof could deteriorate from the weight of the decorations.

Use a Strong and Sturdy Ladder

When it comes to gutter work and decorations, safety comes first. Most of this work is done through a ladder, so you need a good one. In case it goes off balance, the person on it will normally grab the gutter for support. Make sure the ladder is steady on the ground and strong enough to support your weight. Observe electrical safety to avoid surprises while in midair.

Install Clips Correctly

Actionwindowandguttercleaning.com says property maintenance involves a lot of work, and you may need professional help. For example, fastening decorations on the gutter can be tricky for a first-timer. You can’t just hang decorations anywhere. Gutter clips or hangers are the easiest to use because they hook over gutter edges. Get plastic components to avoid risks of electrical shorts. These clips do not damage the gutters during removal. Such clips are available in a store near you.

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Remember to Remove Decorations

Don’t think that this part of the process is not necessary. It took a lot of time and effort to install the decorations, so removal is also likely to be tiring. Though there is a tendency to do this work hastily, it is important to be gentle on gutters.

Holiday decorations are more advanced than they were several years ago. Coordinating them with music will make your celebrations memorable. But before you hang the rope lights and other decorations, make sure your gutters can handle the load.