Home Improvement Projects That Add Value & Appeal to Your Place

Home Renovation in EssexWhen you decide to work your way up the property ladder, you must understand how to maximise the value of where you are living now. It is not only about enhancing the appeal of the property, like loft conversion or kitchen redesigning. You will need to consider basic structural repair and improvements such as the following:

Focus on Structural Repairs

Before starting a home improvement project, make sure you fix all major structural and mechanical problems. It is easy to hide cosmetic problems from potential buyers, but you can never fool a property valuer from seeing these flaws. 

Some of the structural defects you should pay attention to include:

  • Damaged or leaking roof
  • Cracked or bowing walls
  • Rotten joists or roof
  • Insect or pests infestations
  • Collapsed floor or slab

These are repairable, but they come with a price. They may cost you a lot, but when it comes to value and function, these will pay off the most.

Makeover the Kitchen

An attractive and well-planned kitchen is essential. Before thinking about replacing anything, however, consider the fundamentals like its shape and position. By considering these things, you can decide whether it would be wise to remodel everything or simply go with minor structural changes.

Many existing cooking areas can be given a new lease of life for a modest investment. From barely hanging doors, scarred worktops and chunky cupboards, these features are the areas that will greatly matter to the functionality and look of your area.

Reinvent the Garden

Want a fresher and greener yard? Look at your garden and ask yourself what other things you can add. If your lawn falls into the greener side, then adding flowering plants will balance out the shades. Along with that, keeping it tidy and well-tended is the secret to a nice-looking yard. 

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If you want to add something more, Oakleigh Manor recommends hiring garden designers in Essex and getting them involved with your plans. They can suggest and provide professional advice on how you can further improve the garden. If it involves the construction or building of any sort, you are likely subject to follow the building standards.

Rather than changing everything, you must focus on how you can improve the use of your existing space. Maximum value does not often mean a total makeover, but it is more on creating multi-functional living spaces.