Homeowner Alert: Top Refrigerator Problems and Solutions

Man fixing the fridge

When the refrigerator is making noises that seem strange, you should consider scheduling an inspection with a fridge service here in Salt Lake City. Thumping sounds may indicate a compressor problem. The fan may already be falling apart and therefore producing squealing noises.

These problems alone could cost you a few hundred dollars. What are other common refrigerator problems to note for early intervention and avoidance of costly repairs?

Cooling problems

There is a rather long list of causes for a refrigerator that refuses to cool, as it should be doing. Two of the most common issues concern the fans that circulate hot and cold air. In one instance, the condenser fan may be defective, and therefore it does not remove hot air out of the appliance, which remains inside.

On the other hand, a faulty evaporator fan may not be working enough to circulate cool air from the freezer. Therefore, the other compartments do not reach the desired temperature. Sometimes, there is a bigger issue involved than just condenser and evaporator fans.

When the defrost system is giving out there is disruption of the defrost cycle. In this case, it is best to leave the inspection of the defrost timer and heater to professionals.

Leaking refrigerant

A puddle at the bottom of the refrigerator is never a good sign. When a fridge starts leaking, then it will stop cooling. Boosting refrigerant levels is probably beyond your DIY skills, and so it makes more sense to call a refrigerator repair person to deal with the problem.

In the first place, this person has to ascertain the fluid you see is refrigerant. There are other possible reasons for the puddle of water such as a leaking inlet valve. Nevertheless, low refrigerant levels result in poor temperature control, and potential spoilage of the food stored in the appliance.

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A small problem with your fridge can lead to other issues if you do not deal with them promptly. When it stops cooling adequately, or when you see water leaking from the appliance, call on professionals for help immediately.