How Clean is a Clean Room? Why Carpets are a Serious Problem Spot


CleaningMaintaining the cleanliness of a room, whether it’s in an office or at home, is something that most people take for granted. You may think that a simple scrub and mopping may do the trick, but dirt and potentially harmful microbes go beneath the surface.

There are many problem areas in each room, and some of them aren’t exactly as apparent. Wall-to-wall carpets, for example, may look harmless, but said flooring harbours more than just dirt and debris within.

How Clean Should a Clean Room Be?

Simply mopping and sweeping the floors isn’t enough to ensure the cleanliness of a room. Most cleaning services in Auckland, for example, go beyond just the keeping the surface looking spotless. Carpet cleaning is typically seen by many as a luxury, but it is actually a necessity as carpets have a habit of harbouring nasty things and undesirables beneath its surface.

Damp carpets, particularly those in moist areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, can actually cause asthma attacks. The thicker the carpet, the more volatile the organic compounds and microbes find their way into it and flourish, further compromising the cleanliness of the environment it’s in.

Mould is a health risk that carpets seem to have a habit of proliferating. Although they don’t aggravate asthmatic symptoms, they house bacteria and other microorganisms, which can easily spread beyond the room once the mould starts to spore.

Creepy Crawlies in the Carpets

Another reason why you should focus on cleaning your room’s carpets is that they serve as breeding grounds for a range of insects and parasites, ranging from the common cockroach to dust mites. As microbial growth flourishes within the recesses of the carpet, it draws in parasites such as dust mites that feed of the bacteria, fungi, and our discarded skin cells.

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Most people simply experience an allergic reaction when there’s an outbreak of dust mites, but for those suffering from asthma, the effects may go beyond simple irritation. Dust mites themselves have the ability to carry disease spreading germs, which may further compromise your immune system.

The war against dust, debris, and parasites should start from the source. When cleaning a room, take special care to clean and replace carpets and mats whenever necessary. They may seem clean when you look at it, but it may already be posing a health hazard.