How Ice Machines Benefit the Catering Business

Catering BusinessCatering companies are always busy covering different sorts of events—weddings, parties and corporate celebrations—you name it. The tools and equipment they use to cook and serve food are therefore vital, as these can determine the work they do.

For instance, if they need to serve cold drinks and desserts, bringing ice and coolers might not be the ideal choice because the ice will melt eventually. If the event drags longer, they might not be able to keep their food fresh and their beverages cold. As such, experts recommend investing in Hoshizaki, Brema or Manitowoc ice machines instead. Here are the benefits of owning an ice machine:

  • Limited Storage Space – It’s difficult for caterers to predict how much ice they’ll need to serve everyone at the event. Having an ice machine helps, as it gives you a continuous source of ice. Upon arriving at the venue, they can start making ice a few hours before the event instead of stocking them in coolers or looking for freezer space.
  • Produces Different Types of Ice – There are many shapes of ice that these machines can make—nuggets, cubes, gourmet and flake. Choose the type depending on its use. Cubes or nuggets are ideal for drinks, while flakes are best for keeping food fresh and cold.
  • Quality Ice Production – Every ice machine has a built-in filter, which caterers replace on a regular basis. This ensures that the ice is of the best quality and will not make people sick. This is safer compared to storing pre-made ice in places exposed to possible contaminants.
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Ice machines do cost a bit, but they provide many benefits in return. Investing in the right one is essential, as it can affect the efficiency of the catering business.