How Much Does it Cost for Professional Door Installation in Australia?

Male carpenter at interior wood door installation

Labour expenses make up a significant amount of any household budget for professional door installation. In Australia, the rate per hour ranged between $30 and $55 as of August 2017.

While it may be almost a year ago, these rates could still be the norm today. Standard installation per door may cost at least $170. If you want to customise and install interior timber doors you can buy from firms such as, the price may cost more or less expensive.

Custom Work

Custom doors may cost more, but these complement the appearance of your house. Those who live in coastal areas likely want to add a rustic ambience to their homes, so it makes sense to apply wooden doors.

When planning a budget, take note if more than one person would be required to lift heavy doors. This would contribute to higher expenses. The starting price of customised installation amounts to $500 each. The place where you live would also determine the professional rate, as well as the time of the year.

In Queensland, rates usually cost around $45 per hour in August, while hourly rates in New South Wales and Victoria cost around $60 and $55, respectively.

Types of Doors

Aside from wood, other types of doors include aluminium doors that are good for modern-style houses since these normally come with glass. Bi-fold, French and sliding doors are usually harder to install, so expect to pay a premium for installation.

Fire doors are another variant that focuses more on improving safety at home, instead of improving its aesthetic appeal. These doors are tested to protect against flames for up to four hours, which is perfect for households that live in grassy areas.

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No matter how much you intend to spend on door installation, it is better to hire a professional to do it for you. Consider hiring a professional that knows a trusted supplier of quality materials.