How Much Should Australians Spend for Building a Staircase in a Home?


Households in Australia should expect to spend $2,500 on average if they want to add a staircase at home. However, do not just focus on the price alone when choosing a certain type. For instance, the cost of building stairs with steel stringers may require you to spend more, but the extra cost could be a worthwhile investment since it increases the value of your house. This will be helpful for those who are planning to sell their property after a home renovation.

Project Budget

While professional rates and cost of labour are out of your control, you could still keep your spending at a minimum by choosing the right spot for the stairs. Take note that interior stairs will vary in price compared to another one outside your house. These two have different measurements for length and width, aside from the necessary materials.


Some of the common materials for staircases include concrete, metal, and wood. Metal may cost more than the other two, but it is arguably the best in terms of durability and safety. The types of staircase design will also influence the overall price for the construction project.

Types of Stairs

Straight staircases are simple and require minimal effort for building, so you should expect to pay less for this kind than most types of designs. If your house has limited space, it makes sense to use a spiral staircase instead. Homes with modern designs are better suited for a floating staircase, which is done by securely attaching it to the wall. This creates the illusion of having no support from beneath the stairs.

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The actual cost of building a staircase will depend on your chosen design. Whether or not you plan to sell your house in the future, you should hire only a professional who specialises in joinery work preferably for more than 40 years.