How Much Should You Spend on a Garage Door Opener Installation?

men installing garage door opener

Americans spend $335 on average for a garage door opener installation, but some people usually pay between $222 and $491 for this household project. If you live in Pennsylvania, the cost of a garage door installation here in Pittsburgh would depend on your chosen type of opener.

More modern features would likely entail a higher cost, yet these would make your home safer.

Choosing an Opener

A chain-driven opener is among the cheapest options available for homes. This costs at least $150 on average to install for your garage. Many homeowners choose this especially when they have a detached garage. However, chain-driven types usually have no backup battery and can be noisy each time you use it.

Belt-driven openers are your choice if you want peace and quiet. You would need to spend $200 on average to install this. It would be perfect for an attached garage, although take note that installation can be quite complicated.

Those who want less maintenance on their garage should consider a screw-driven type, but be prepared to spend more on the remote since you need to buy this separately aside from paying an average of $190 for installation.

Security Tips

It’s no secret most burglars enter through your garage, as most sheds directly connect to the house. Some ways to prevent this require simple safety habits, such as turning off the power source connected to the door opener at night or when you’re out of town.

A disabled emergency-release lever is perhaps the best way to stop anyone from breaking into your home, but this also includes the homeowners. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you can install a wireless keypad to open the door when you accidentally locked yourself out.

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The amount you spend on a garage door opener will ultimately depend on how much you’re willing to pay for the cost. No matter which type of you choose for your home, it’s better to seek professional help when installing one.