How to Stay Cool During the Heat of the Summer

Staying Cool Over the SummerStaying cool during the hottest summer months is a challenge. But there are many ways to enjoy summer without losing your cool. Here are a few suggestions:

Get that AC fixed or replaced

Have your old air conditioner checked and fixed if it’s not performing as well as before. If it’s too old and you’re only wasting money on repairs, perhaps it’s time to think about a new AC installation in Utah. The initial cost is worth the savings you’ll get from a newer, energy-saving unit.

Air out the house

Get up early and open the windows and doors to air out your house. Not only will this help bring down the temperature inside your home, but it will also get rid of the stuffy indoor atmosphere that is usually responsible for allergic reactions. Do this as often as you can for a few hours at a time.

Take cold showers

Instead of using energy to heat up the water you use for showering and bathing, take a cold shower to bring down your body temperature a few degrees.

Avoid hot beverages

Your body temperature rises with every cup of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa, and it stays up for a few hours after that. Instead of drinking hot beverages, switch to cold ones, such as iced tea or water.

Install window tint

Window films help lower heat transfer. With the heat of the sun beating down on your house, it causes more heat to build up indoors. The UV rays are also damaging your floors, carpets, furniture, and almost everything else it comes into contact with. Window tint reduces UV access into your home. You can save on cooling if your windows are doing their part. To add even more protection from heat transfer, think about installing roller shades.

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Install awnings

Awnings on your windows can also prevent direct sunlight from entering your home, especially if you like opening your windows to let in some air. Get retractable awnings for the front door, as well, or as extra protection for your porch or terrace.

You can’t help it if summers are getting hotter each year, but you can do something to stay cool. Follow these tips to enjoy a comfortable season.