How to Take Care of Your Countertop Based on Material

Amazing countertop

Countertops will look wonderful, especially when matched with a stunning kitchen or a great bathroom. At the same time, countertops can last you for years, adorning your kitchen for decades. Your countertops can only stay beautiful and last long, however, when you clean and take care of them regularly.

In general, you can clean any kind of countertop using a damp microfiber cloth. When you want more thorough cleaning, however, you have to know what countertop material you have. Different materials entail different care methods.

For Granite

Many homes, especially older homes, have granite countertops. You can easily clean granite with a microfiber cloth and mild cleaners such as water and dish soap, but stay away from acidic cleaners. When anything spills on the granite, clean the spill immediately using a sponge. You can also reseal your granite every year to stop staining.

For Quartz

Quartz countertops have become popular in Salt Lake City homes recently. You can clean a quartz countertop with a soft rag or paper towel, or you can use non-bleach cleansers and mild detergents. When cutting food or placing hot items on its surface, you can use cutting boards and trivets to protect the quartz.

For Laminate

Laminate countertops can be found in many older homes as well, especially ones that have gone without renovation. You can clean laminate like any other countertop, but use only a little water. Too much of it can destroy the laminate. Use enough water when cleaning and dry the laminate to prevent water from seeping into your countertops.

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Other Countertop Materials

Other countertop materials that you may have been stainless steel, solid surface, slate, and marble. More unique countertops include Corian, soapstone, butcher block, and Caesarstone. You can find other resources online that can teach how you can clean such countertops.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you protect your countertops from any damage. You also ensure that your countertops will continue to adorn your kitchen or your bathroom for years to come.