How You Can Ensure Your Family’s Health at Home

Man cleaning the air duct

If you have put a new coat of paint on your living room wall, or you have new furniture delivered to your home, you might want to consider opening your windows for a few minutes. This is because indoor air quality (IAQ) deteriorates quickly as toxic chemicals accumulate inside your home.

You may only notice that pollution inside your home is already peaking when someone comes down with a respiratory illness, or when allergies flare up. What can you do to ensure a healthy household?

Control moisture and humidity

The fact that IAQ is getting much attention these days only supports the need to maintain a healthier living environment in our homes. No serious health problems are directly associated with IAQ, but can you live comfortably inside a house containing air that is more polluted than outside air?

Every homeowner must protect indoor air quality. With regular service for air duct cleaning in Indiana, you will have fewer reasons to worry. Nevertheless, you must be aware of the effects of excess moisture on the growth of molds and potentially harmful microorganisms. Therefore, keep the humidity levels between 30-50 percent with dehumidifiers, if called for. Deal with plumbing leaks immediately, and check for mold growth in frequently wet areas.

Lower usage of chemical pollutants

Cleaning solutions and detergents may serve their purpose, but many commercial products contain high concentrations of chemical pollutants. Harsh solvents often leave chemicals in the air, which add to indoor pollution.

If you wish to minimize exposure to these substances, look instead for low-emitting products. Incidentally, if you will be doing activities involving the use of substances that release particulate in the air, bring it outside. Rock polishing, painting, soldering, and related activities contribute to indoor pollution as well.

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Lastly, bring in filtering plants. Indoor live plants will not only absorb the carbon dioxide you exhale but also provide fresh oxygen to your lungs. Certain plants absorb specific toxic agents through their roots and leaves.