Interior Decor Design Ideas That Involve the Use of Paint

Painter painting wall

Interior decor has the potential of transforming virtually any space into a lively area. There are many ways you can incorporate it into your space, but none matches the cost-efficiency of using paint.

Decorating your rooms with paint will however only achieve its intended look when handled by master painters. Wellington-based experts note that there are various designs your painter might suggest you try for your interiors. Here are some of the trendiest paint decor designs you could select from.


Typographic designs are routinely used in business settings. You could, however, incorporate them into your residential space to personalise your rooms and make them more practical.

You could opt for large monograms on walls with numbers or letters, which define the space. In your living room, for example, paint a personalised inspirational or welcome message.


Stripes are the timeless answer to create the illusion of space in small rooms. Horizontal lines will widen your room while vertical ones will create an illusion of high ceilings.

Vertical stripes in different widths yet a similar technique are one way to use stripes in your room. You could also opt for more than two colours with thin white stripes between them to emphasise your other two choice colours.

Colourful Waves

For the adventurous property owner, waves make a perfect substitute to stripes. Waves are very eye-catching and project a cool, lazy look perfect for bedrooms and relaxation areas. They are also a perfect way of connecting all the colour accents you have used in a room’s decor.

All your walls are just canvases waiting for paint to come alive. With the designs mentioned above, now you have an idea of how to liven your interior space. If you are still not sure of the ideal choice for your space, you can go all out and incorporate all three designs in varying degrees in the same room.

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