Is Your Home Safe from the Next Rainstorm?

rainstorm protectionRecord rains plagued many areas of the United States in the past few years. It’s not difficult to find photos of flooded streets and overflowing rivers. Hopefully, your family won’t have to deal with those unpredictable rainfalls. However, you should inspect your home’s water defense system and ensure that your home is safe from the damage rainstorms cause.

You may think that in places with semi-arid climates, like Utah, rain gutters don’t need regular checkups. Industry experts like Double T Inc. say that rain gutter repairs are vital.  This weekend, take some time off to check and identify what requires your attention.

1. Inspect your basement.

For residents who have sump pumps, examine the pump to ensure it operates properly. Pour water into the sump by using a bucket. Check the connections and power to make sure it is connected. Replace it if it still doesn’t work and think about getting a backup battery for it. This will help keep your home safe when the power is out.

2. Check the window wells.

Identify if your window wells drain the water properly and quickly. If you sense that it has an issue with the drainage, keep the water out by adding clear covers.

3. Examine your roof.

Your roof is your home’s main barricade against rainstorms. Examine it for missing or loose shingles, and secure or replace them if necessary. Consider replacing your roof soon if it’s showing some signs of aging. Inspect the sealants around the vents and chimneys to ensure they’re watertight.

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4. Test your landscaping.

It’s essential that water should quickly drain away from your home. For this to be effective, ensure that the ground around the foundation slants away from your home. In case it doesn’t, add more soil to the area, while making sure that it isn’t close enough to the siding. Water pooling could lead to deterioration, mold and mildew, and insect problems.

With extreme downpours occurring more frequently, it’s wise to follow precautions and make sure that your home is safe from harm even from an ordinary rainshower.