Is Your Household Ready for a Solar Panel Installation?

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel InstallationIs a residential solar electric system the answer to the rising expenses on utility bills? Solar photovoltaic systems rely on panels or modules that convert energy from the sun into direct current. Since households in the United Kingdom utilise alternating current, an inverter unit is also a part of the system. This component converts direct current into alternating current.

What factors influence the efficiency of the system?

In terms of the number of solar panel installation experts will have to weigh in factors such as available roof space and roof orientation. However, for as long as you have a sunny place on the roof at least three by four metres (10 by 12 feet), it can work for you. It is also more efficient if the roof is oriented north to south. The temperature tolerance of the modules also determines the system’s electricity output. Because of the photovoltaic effect, the modules are less efficient on very hot days. Air circulation under the modules improves temperature tolerance.

Is your roof ready for module installation?

Prior to committing, it is also advisable to get expert opinion about the current condition of your roof and whether it is ready to support a solar panel array. For homes that are past their prime, a structural engineer should be called in to determine whether the solar panels could be safely installed.

According to, modern solar panels installation for residential use are engineered for most roofing types. Nevertheless, a thorough inspection is necessary especially if you live in an old building. Re-shingling damaged sections is advisable prior to installation of the modules. In some cases, clay tiles that are brittle might break while the panels are secured, requiring additional expense.

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It is important that you understand such a system will not provide for all the electricity needs of the household. However, you can rely on the system to provide power during a long stretch of outage if you also have a battery storage system for excess energy. You can also expect marked reduction in your monthly utility bills.