Keeping Up with the Latest Roofing Technologies


RoofingMost Australians had this habit of paying attention to their roofs only when a problem arose. With the increase in the cost of materials and repair labour, more and more consumers have begun making better, smarter choices when it comes to this component of their home.

Thanks to the continued improvements in the roofing industry, Perth homeowners now have more opportunities to invest in better products. New roofs now feature outstanding qualities, which include the following:

Enhanced durability for a longer lasting life

As Bower Roofing explains, life span extension is one of the key aspects of the latest in roofing structures. New roofs are more durable than ever, as they can withstand the ever-changing weather conditions of Perth. Innovations in roof coating products have also increased in number, providing consumers with even more ways to protect and lengthen the life of this part of their home.

Reduced Environmental Impact and Lower Utility Bills

The best roofing choices are those that bring huge energy savings because of their improved thermal and insulation properties. In a home topped with a high-performance roof, the domino effect is apparent. With greater thermal and insulation performance, there is less need for extended HVAC use. Reduced HVAC use means minimised energy consumption. With less energy use comes lower utility bills.

The Colorbond Technology

One of the best examples of new technology in roofing systems is Colorbond. Even with its impressive track record spanning more than 45 years, it continues to offer investment-worthy building materials. Its patented long lasting finish, weather-tightness, termite-resistance, and non-combustibility continue to wow both experts and consumers alike.

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Roofing systems for Perth homes have evolved dramatically; they provide more than just a basic, protective covering for the home. Whether you want to renovate or replace your existing roofing system, consider these advancements to get the best value for your money.