Kitchen with Style – Stunning Renovation Ideas for Your Cooking Area

Kitchen Design in Brisbane

Kitchen Design in BrisbaneGet ready to transform your kitchen from ‘nay’ to ‘yay’. Check these awesome renovation ideas that will bring character and add extra appeal to the most loved area of your home.

Pick Your Cabinetry Wisely

Incorporate open shelves in place of solid or enclosed cabinets. If ever you prefer the latter, always choose base cabinets which have deep drawers rather than the traditional shelves or cupboards. Experiment on style and colour by mixing lighter shades to darker ones. This will help add a refreshing splash of colours.

Lights Up!

In Brisbane, kitchen designers suggest that lighting can heavily influence the look and mood of the room. Along with that, proper positioning of lights can make any area spacious. There are various decorative lighting systems with the unique style, size, colour and material. Be sure you choose the right one, otherwise, it can ruin your dream kitchen.

Make an Impact

Create a noticeable design statement in your cooking area. You may use natural stone backsplash or a wooden-based backdrop. Before you decide on anything, be sure to finalise the look you’re trying to achieve. It’ll be easier to choose from there, rather than starting from nothing.

Going Metallic

To this day, gold and warm metal are increasing in popularity. Other than the usual stainless steel and silver, homeowners are now going for more earthly colours such as brass, black, gold, and copper. Just be sure you consider every design aspect of your home to fully incorporate this upgrade.

Raw and Natural Beauty

Brick walls, exposed pipes and beams are the new in. It brings out the rustic feel of your home which coincidentally is becoming popular these days. For this one, you need to be more consistent on every detail to maintain that natural and warm look of the place. In other words, you might need to lift a finger or two to achieve this look.

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Whether you’re currently renovating or just simply looking, these tips will surely level up the appeal of your kitchen. Research, review, analyse, and ask around for suggestions when it comes to your kitchen design. This will help you maximise the function, as well as the appearance of your cooking area.