It’s All in the Landscape: How Malls Can Attract More Visitors

Fashion Mall Storefronts

The growing demand for online shopping has kept avid shoppers within the confines of their home.

In 2016, an estimated 1.61 billion people worldwide chose to purchase goods online. Instead of hitting the road, they shop on their phones—and that’s not good news for local shopping malls.

As more shoppers grow comfortable with online shopping, retailers must exert extra effort to attract more visitors. They should answer the question: “Why should customers venture out to your store instead of shop on their phones?”

Out of the numerous solutions, one unlikely suggestion stands out: landscaping.

With malls and shopping centers, landscaping is not the first thing retailers think of, but it’s the first thing people see. It sets the mood and affects the shopper’s feelings when they visit; it could also encourage them to post photos on social media—an influential form of advertisement.

While commercial grounds care in Kissimmee can improve your property, consider the following landscape enhancements, too:

Intentional Landscaping

Good landscaping goes beyond just mixing a few plants and flowers. Retail sites with large, sweeping views require a different design. Remember: it’s not a backyard garden.

Big impact matters. Instead of throwing a hodgepodge of greenery, landscape intentionally. Consider adding a large number of the same variety of plant; encourage diversity by adding different blossoms here and there.

Pleasant Screening Works

Do the restaurants in your mall feature an outdoor eating area? Maximize the value of your outdoor areas with natural screening through lush potted plants and hedge that act as privacy walls. Doing enhances your exterior space, and it keeps guests from feeling as if they are eating on a sidewalk. Combine these installations with sculptural pieces and strategic lighting design to enhance the mood.

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A Relaxing Space for the Community

Customers would also want to relax, linger, and stay while they’re at your establishment. The longer they stay, the more they’ll spend.

Entice customers to stay more by adding benches, seating, and patio. A few tables with umbrellas and potted plants nearby will also convince shoppers to sit with their drinks. For the children, add a splash pool or a playground. When the kids wish to stay longer, so will their parents.

Encourage shoppers to do less online shopping and do more brick and mortar shopping with attractive commercial landscaping. Talk to an expert landscaper today.