Main Considerations Before Setting Up a Natural Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water System

Gas Hot Water SystemNatural gas is an affordable and dependable source of energy. The gas rates in Australia are quite stable. There are varied products which utilises natural gas, also known as reticulated gas or main gas. You only have to decide how much money you want to invest on the system and find the brand of appliance that fulfills the current requirements of your household.

Cost and energy savings with natural gas heaters

An electric water heating system generates more greenhouse gas emissions than a solar or natural gas heating system. Appliances utilising natural gas cost less money to run. If there is no electrical power, then you can still cook, do the laundry, and use hot water for bathing and washing. These appliances are also more efficient than products that run on electricity mainly because there is no loss of energy, unlike what happens during the distribution and transmission of electricity from power plants to homes. The most efficient products have high Energy Star labels to establish the fact that operating costs are lower than standard gas heaters.

Instantaneous versus storage heaters

To install one of the top brands of hot water systems that use natural gas, will you purchase the instantaneous system, or is the better solution for your household a storage type hot water system? The former is also known as a continuous flow system, the main component of which is the heat exchanger. An instantaneous system does not heat a full tank of stored water, which is the main characteristic of the other type of heating system. For storage heaters, it is important to find tanks which are well-insulated. In this way, the set-up does not lose heat through the walls of the water tank.

A medium-sized household consisting of three or four people can benefit from either a storage or instantaneous gas system. A local supplier can perform the kind of analysis required to determine usage. This information can serve as your basis in choosing the most economically feasible option.

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