Make Your Home Safe for Your Kid’s Birthday Bash – Here’s How

Kiddie Birthday Party in AucklandAre you planning to have your kid’s birthday at home? There would be children coming over, better ensure that your home is safe for you and your guests during the party.

Planning your kid’s birthday may be one of the loveliest experiences. You get to show your creativity and you have the chance to prove how good you are at making a great party on a tight budget. Alongside the food, the decors and the party favours, don’t forget to check your home’s safety. Remember, your visitors are all kids and your home must be ‘kid-safe.’ 

Slippery Floors

During preparation time, spills on the floor sometimes become hard to avoid. Before the party starts, make sure that you check if there is the presence of water on the floor. If you see even a small puddle, wipe it off.

Protruding Nails on the Floor

Even the most perfect carpentry work can sometimes have its flaws. Handy Sanders recommends that you ask the help of flooring specialists in Auckland to check your floors. If you are discontent with a mere checkup, flooring specialists in Auckland can also offer finishing services that will ensure you have a better and safer floor for your kid’s guests.

Chipped or Cracked Paint on Walls

For homes built before 1978, there’s a possibility that the paint used for the house was still lead-based. Children exposed to lead-based paint can suffer from various problems, which include behavioural and developmental issues. On the other hand, if your home was built after 1978, but it already has cracked or chipped paint, try to do something about it. You can also seek the help of professionals on the matter.

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Secure Pets

If you have dogs at home, better keep them in their cages while other children are around. They might not have any history of biting anybody, but you cannot leave this to chance. 

Things that could Fall

Check your ceiling if there are things that could fall on the heads of the children. Secure anything that you see dangling or hanging precariously. You don’t want to have any item falling on the head of one of your kid’s classmates during the birthday party, do you?

Remember these things when planning your kid’s birthday party at home. Securing these things will help you and your child enjoy the birthday bash without any issues.