Moneymaking Options for Your Extra Room


ApartmentNow that the children have flown the coop, you have decided to relocate to a 2 or 3-bedroom apartment in Brisbane. After all, you are already nearing retirement age and would like to find other options of earning other than your 9 to 5 job.

Here are few suggestions that you can consider:

Hobby Room

If you have a hobby you can possibly earn from, this would be the perfect place to set it up. Hobbies like painting, dried flower décor, sewing and cross-stitching can make you extra cash and having a place conducive to your creativity can keep you from viewing that hobby as work. You can also use part of the room for storage if you are into larger projects, such as baking, computer repair or even woodworking. As says, 3-bedroom apartments for sale in Brisbane can provide enough space for a hobby room.

Rental or Lease

This is the standard go-to solution to making an extra room financially profitable. If you choose this option, see about finding friends or family to occupy and lease the room first for your own security’s sake. If you cannot find any renter within your personal circle, go for referrals instead. Make classified ads your last resort. Choose a more reliable mode of payment, such as post-dated checks or bank transfers to make collecting rent easier.

Personal Office

If you want to work from home, use your extra room as your home office. Whilst you may need to shell out money to furnish and complete the room, the costs can be worth the extra earnings. There are endless possibilities for this option — put up a store online, take contractual writing jobs, or apply for a virtual assistant position. Just make sure that it’s something you like to do when you’re retired.

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There are already unlimited possibilities with just three options. Before all that, decide which apartment for sale fits your needs. Make sure you choose a reputable real estate company that can assist you in making that decision.