Necessities of Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor CoatingsGarage floor coatings are very an essential feature for all garages. They not only improve the look of the flooring but they also make cleaning easier. They help protect the flooring, especially if they are chosen well and installed professionally. It is important to get the right professional for the job and also a clear plan for your floor installation.

  • Concrete flooring

Most garage floors are made of concrete as they are cost effective. But this flooring has some disadvantages and they also wear out with time. They might crack if they are not laid well. They can also stain and get dirty easily. It is therefore better to get floor coatings with a durable finish. This will also make it more appealing and smooth. They can also offer enough traction for your automobiles.

  • Epoxy coating

Epoxy coating come with a number of options. You can start with a primer for the base coat. This can help you also seal the concrete. The body or the main coat are available in a number of color options. The body coat can be applied on the plain floor or you can also use color chips in the body coat, for more visual appeal. The tiny flecks can add color and texture to the flooring. With a host of color options available you can create wonders with them.

  • Epoxy metallic flooring

A metallic flooring can help you give a modernist appeal to the flooring. The base coat will be the same, but the body coat will give the metallic finish you require. A solvent is used after the body coat is applied to create small craters and dips which are later sealed.  This is followed with a final top coat. The result of this coating will be beautiful with wonderful textures and it will also be very smooth.

Both kinds of epoxy coatings make the floor easy to maintain and highly durable. This coating can stand high foot traffic including snow, mud and salt. They are resistant to cracks, stains, dirt and dust.