Office Looks for the Motivated Worker

Beautiful office furnitures

Whether you have an exciting startup on the verge of world domination, or a trusted, time-tested company that needs a fresh boost of energy in the work-space, it is never a bad idea to shake things up and liven up the office.

But before you buy or purchase industrial-themed furniture online and pair them up with a unicorn plushy and all-glass shelves, you may want to look at some themed office ideas to help you put together a mood-uplifting, productivity-boosting design for your own that feels and looks good.

The hills are alive, inside the office

Boring office furniture makes for a boring, lazy day, and this is why companies like Mind Candy in London and Groupon, with its headquarters in Chicago, opted to bring in the greenery to the work jungle.

The forest- and island-themed interiors include boulders for seating, AstroTurf carpeting, hobbit holes for conference rooms, and a selection of fake and real vegetation peppered all over the space. With the relaxing green tones and light feel of the place, it keeps employees from feeling too restricted and desk-strapped.

Nine-to-five animal therapy

Work can be stressful, and most people cannot wait until they get home and snuggle with their pets to decompress and relieve tension – so why not bring the furry family to the office for a more relaxed weekday grind and happier personnel?

That’s what a lot of companies such as Salesforce and Kurgo are now doing, providing pet-friendly facilities in their HQ’s, complete with furniture adjustments to make sure everyone – whether with two legs or four – are comfortable and safe.

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Going Industrial

While bright colors and quirky, fun furniture may work extremely well for companies like Google, scooters, and slides inside the office may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If having cable cars for office cubicles is not in line with your branding (or square footage), you need not settle for mundane setup.

Industrial-themed furniture can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, especially if you are looking for interiors that provide and efficient working space that still looks relaxed and organic.

Facebook’s Tel-Aviv site has striking metalwork lighting and sturdy, multi-purpose industrial tables and chairs, peppered with black writing board walls and concrete flooring that gives off a spacious, and productive, yet breathable vibe to the social media giant’s headquarters in Israel.