Perennial Broad-leaf Weeds and How to Eliminate Them

Man ready to eliminate the perennial broad-leaf weeds

Broad-leaf weeds can take over your lawn this fall, but proper weed control can free your lawn from any weeds. Herbicides work particularly well during fall, as perennial broad-leaf weeds common in Utah begin to transport and store food in their roots for the coming winter. Herbicides then can be absorbed and brought to the roots, killing the entire plant.

Greenside Landscaping cites some of the types of broad-leaf weeds and discusses which lawn weed control practices in Salt Lake City can eliminate the problem.


Although fall, particularly October, marks the optimal time to apply herbicide, you still have to apply the correct herbicide to the broad-leaf weeds being eliminated. Dandelions, for example, can grow up to a foot tall, its flowers widening up to 16 inches. Research shows that dandelions can effectively be eliminated using 2,4-D and dicamba one to ten days after the first fall frost.

Canada Thistle

Canada thistle can also be treated with the same chemicals and in the same application period as dandelions. Canada thistles, for those unfamiliar, have purple flowers, as well as spiny, gray-green leaves. These weeds can grow up to six feet tall, their leaves reaching a span of 3 feet.


Plantains can be effectively controlled by 2,4-D only. These weeds have broad, flat leaves arranged in a circular order. This weed can grow up to 8 inches in height and a foot in width. You have to eliminate this type of perennial broad-leaf quickly because one plant can produce over 15,000 seeds.


Docks can be eliminated by 2,4-D compounds as well. They grow large leaves with wavy edges. They also produce large seed heads and brown seeds that cover these heads. This weed can grow up to 4 feet in height and 2 feet in width. You have to eliminate docks immediately, as one plant can produce a whopping 40,000 seeds.

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Browse online to learn more about other perennial broad-leaf weeds and the best ways to eliminate them. A weed controls expert will help you choose the appropriate herbicides for your lawn.