Perth Break-in Statistics and What You Can Do to be Safe

Man Trying to Break-in a House in AustraliaThe results are in. Perth is the home invasion and car theft capital of Australia. According to figures, Western Australia was labeled the worst state for break-ins, motor vehicle theft, attempted break-ins, theft comiitted using a motor vehicle and other types of theft last financial year. It's not a good title to hold, but facts say it all. Perth residents need to wisen up to protect their property and assets. 

Successful and Attempted Burglaries

An estimate of 35,800 homes had reported attempted break-ins, the operative word being 'attempted'. Varying factors contribute to the failure of a break-in, and you increase the likelihood of thwarting any attempts if you are proactive. 

Planning for Break-ins

Certain measures make a home less attractive to burglars. And they don't have to make your house less appealing at all. 

An alarm system, for instance, deter burglars whilst also improving your insurance coverage. In fact, using bolts and quality locks on your doors and windows may be a requirement to qualify for home insurance. These are the simplest forms of property protection, something every homeowner should not ignore. says choosing glass balustrades and windows also help, minimising the coverage burglars get as they enter and even after they have made their way inside your home. Glass windows make burglars feel exposed, and glass balustrades make them easy to spot even when you're at a different floor. That's one less hiding place for them. Note, however, that glass partitions at home should come with treatments that protect them from breakage, and offer cover to keep your privacy. 

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It does not matter how big your house is. Leave it unprotected and you're almost inviting trouble in. Be a proactive homeowner and be one of the Perth houses safe from burglars.