Playing It Hard: Pre-Purchase Ideas When Getting Hardwood Flooring


HardwoodReal hardwood could cost you around $2,000, and that’s just for the living room. If money is not an issue, then go for it. Nevertheless, make sure your knowledge of hardwood covers all the bases before you spend your money.

Ask experts about waxing and restoring products

An expert wood flooring provider in Prior Lake, MN will know exactly what kind of wax to use for the specific type of finish. All-purpose products are available, but wax on certain finishes makes the floor too slippery.

Additionally, learn about floor cleaners and when and how to use them. Spilled liquids can damage the hardwood. Dirt can soil a section of the floor and react to the finish. You need to know exactly what to do and what to use to resolve small problems. Instead of preventing a huge mishap, you might create a situation you’re trying to avoid by applying the wrong solution.

Hardwood flooring and dogs can co-exist harmoniously

If your heart is set on wood and you have dogs living with you, go for the toughest hardwood you can afford. The floor can handle the dogs running around all the time if you maintain it well and use the right cleaning products. You must also make sure the dogs’ nails are trimmed regularly. Dogs can scratch the wood with their nails, causing damage to the surface finish.

Know exactly how much you need to spend

Be aware of the entire project cost, which includes the total cost of the hardwood material and the installation. Ask about the demolition expenses if there is an existing floor you want to remove. Don’t forget to inquire if you need other materials.

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Based on the data from the National Association of Realtors, people are “willing to pay more” for a property with hardwood flooring. The general idea is that these homes sell faster and have great resale value. Learn all you can about it and get the most from your investment.